9 Best Christmas Trees In The World

The “Christmas Tree” is one of the most widely known symbols of the Yuletide Season. Christmas is not complete without it, so a lot of places in the world go to great lengths to create their own spectacular versions of the Christmas Tree. Below is a compilation of some of the best in this face of the earth; rest assured you have never seen a Christmas Tree as beautiful as the ones you are about to witness you will probably have a hard time believing they actually exist.

1. Disney Christmas Tree at St. Pancras Train Station in London, United Kingdom

2. Floating Christmas Tree at Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

3. Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France

4. Largest Christmas Tree In The World, Monte Ingino, Gubbio, Italy

5. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, New York, USA

6. The Lego Christmas Tree, Auckland, New Zealand

7. Jbeil Christmas Tree, Byblos, Lebanon

8. Murano Glass Christmas Tree, Venice, Italy

9. World’s Most Illuminated Christmas Tree, Osaka, Japan

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