5 Things You Can Customize When Flying By Private Jet

One of the most appealing aspects of travelling by Private Jet is the myriad of exciting and unique options you have at your fingertips. Chartering your own jet means that you’re truly able to customise the journey to your exact specifications. The entire industry is built on providing the highest quality of customer service.

When it comes to giving the customer what they want, the sky is far from the limit. Here are 5 levels of luxury that are customisable on a Private Jet.

Why Private Jets are so Convenient 

Commercial airlines are severely limited in terms of where they take off from and land. They are only able to use the large commercial airports available to them. This often means travelling for quite a distance at both ends of your journey which can be both an inconvenience and add an extra element of cost. Stark contrast to the convenience offered by a Private Jet.

Chartering your own Private Jet opens up access to thousands more options for where you can depart from and arrive to. Often, smaller, non-commercial airports or strips are in far more convenient locations.

Flying Private is just so Damn Flexible! 

With Private Jets, flying on someone else’s schedule is a thing of the past. Delays and cancellations are also extremely uncommon.

But on the other hand, it’s completely different if it is you as the customer who is struggling for time. You can simply call ahead to let the pilot know that you’re going to be 15 or so minutes late. The aircraft will still be there waiting for you when you arrive and departure will be rearranged for the new time. But if you do still fly commercial and get held up: Get money back on delayed flights

Private Meal on your Private Jet? 

Forget about unappetising, underwhelming in-flight meals that arrive whether you’re ready for them or not. Forget about those tiny plastic cups of something you can finish before the flight has even taken off.

When you fly using a Private Jet, catering options are entirely customizable to your exact requirements. Favourite meal from your favourite restaurant? You got it. And if you’d like to sip a bottle of vintage champagne on your journey, or have a craving for a particular brand of spring water? You’re the boss.

Your Choice of Entertainment

If you want your favourite newspaper, or a selection of magazines or books on board for when you take off, all you need to do is ask. Depending on the aircraft, you’ll have options for inflight movies completely of your choosing, your favourite music, or even games consoles or tablets.

There’s also no need to turn off your devices when you fly privately, and the majority of craft have excellent WiFi which will keep you connected throughout your flight, a necessity for many in this day and age.

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The Aircraft You Fly in

If there is an aircraft you especially want to fly on, then you’re also able to request that particular one when you book. This might be your first time! Rest assured that you will be assisted in making the best choice for your requirements.

Whether it’s a turboprop, VIP jet or even a helicopter that takes your fancy, it’s possible to get the exact craft that you want. Small, large, business or all out luxury, there’s a jet to suit your needs.